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Gourmet Coffee

"As a restaurateur and coffee lover, I have tasted quite a number of different coffees through the years. Once I tasted Don Pablo coffee I was pleasantly surprised by what a great coffee it is. The taste is rich and pleasant and the aroma leaves you wanting to drink more. I particularly favor the Cubano blend which is strong and flavorful. We are now using Don Pablo coffee in all our restaurants. Our customers have only good things to say about this great coffee, and are buying it to make it at home. Don Pablo is a superb coffee and I am very happy that I discovered it. Don’t change anything and keep making a great quality coffee."

John Matos
Ponchos & Gringos Restaurants

Latin America
All Coffees


About Café Don Pablo Coffee

The idea to produce a better cup of coffee through Café Don Pablo™ was conceived over a decade ago after traveling through Latin America and discovering how delicious, and different, the coffee was. Over the years we have developed a love for Latin American culture and a taste for great coffee. We have learned from the best and forged mutually beneficial relationships with farmers, roasters, importers, and especially our customers.

At Café Don Pablo™ we feel that our coffee is the finest available. We use only the largest, most desirable Arabica beans, grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil in the lush mountainous terrain of the world’s coffee growing regions. These are award-winning beans that were cultivated by skilled farmers whose methods, knowledge, and passion for coffee have been handed down from generation to generation since the very first seed was planted.

We slow roast these special beans in small batches to ensure they reach optimum flavor and freshness. Our customers wouldn’t have it any other way. We have found that people who really appreciate a great cup of rich, aromatic, eye-opening coffee, can taste the difference between our fresh, just roasted product, and others that are roasted by the metric ton and sold by huge corporations. We hope you agree.
-Darron J. Burke
President, Café Don Pablo

    Description Price
1.   Café Don Pablo Brazil Santos $11.00
2.   Café Don Pablo Breakfast Blend $10.00
3.   Café Don Pablo Café Cubano $10.00
4.   Café Don Pablo Classic Italian Espresso $10.00
5.   Café Don Pablo Columbian Supremo $11.00
6.   Café Don Pablo Costa Rican Tarrazo "Royal" $12.00
7.   Café Don Pablo Dulce de Leche $10.00
8.   Café Don Pablo Ethiopian Longberry Harrar $12.00
9.   Café Don Pablo European Blend $10.00
10.   Café Don Pablo Genuine Guatemala Antigua $11.00
11.   Café Don Pablo House Blend $10.00
12.   Café Don Pablo Kenya AA Arabica $12.00
13.   Café Don Pablo Miami Fusion $10.00
14.   Café Don Pablo Organic Columbian Excelso $11.00
15.   Café Don Pablo South Beach Espresso $10.00
16.   Café Don Pablo Sumatra Mandheling $11.00
17.   Café Don Pablo Swiss Water Brazil $12.00
18.   Café Don Pablo Swiss Water Columbian $12.00
All prices in US Dollars


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