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Armik - Café Romantico


Café Romantico

1.) Lover's Moon
2.) Cafe Romantico
3.) Rain Drops
4.) Sweet Dreams
5.) Madrid
6.) Luceros
7.) La Luna De Seville
8.) Gypsy Romance
9.) Puerto De Malaga
10.) Tonight With You
11.) Guitar Passion

On Café Romantico, Armik pours passion and creativity into every song he plays. His richly poetic feelings, the emotional depth of his compositions and the exquisite quality of his arrangements show the elevated artistic progress of his music over the years. It is a genuine jewel with sophisticated vivid rhythms, fluid and melodic classical lyricism, great warmth and lots of romantic fire.

With its full range of musical expressions, Lover’s Moon enables the listener to immediately move into a higher level of appreciation. Armik seamlessly switches from an acoustic sound to an electrifying solo and creates a beautiful change in balance, harmony and rhythm. With Sweet Dreams, the guitarist unveils beautiful and eclectic world rhythms.

Armik has perfected a personal synthesis of his flamenco guitar influences on the title track, Café Romantico, to create a beautiful, exotic and passionate melody. This is the most romantic track in this collection.

On Madrid, Armik uses an array of fiery, energetic chords to speak to his listeners. Not only does this great rumba flamenco reveal the intuitive, romantic and deeply emotional persona of Armik, but also displays the speed and technical control that attests to years of experience and dedication to his art.

Puerto De Malaga is a beautiful ballad that is both impressionistic and sensual. It beautifully reflects the intricate delicacy that Armik has mastered in his amazing techniques.

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