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DeLonghi Caffé Elite Coffee Maker DC79T


Elegant Euro-Design for Distinctive Tastes and Visual Pleasure!
12-Cup Automatic Programmable Drip Coffee Maker!

Can the DeLonghi Caffé Elite Coffee Maker be therapeutic? It really depends. If you enjoy delicious, flavorful, freshly-brewed coffee this coffee maker can be a soothing experience. If you need a gentle nudge to awaken each morning ... the timer can be set to start brewing automatically so you can wake up to the fragrant aroma of fresh-brewed coffee in the morning. It can help you manage some of the stress during your day. It may be the right therapy for you. Just relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee! And it's so easy!

The DeLonghi DC76T programmable drip coffee maker features 12-cup (60 oz) capacity, permanent washable nylon filter, and 24-hour programmable digital timer with 2-hour automatic shut off. The Pause and Serve function allows you to interrupt the brewing cycle to pour a cup of coffee. The Brew Selector button slows down the brewing cycle so grounds are more thoroughly saturated for stronger-flavored coffee. Also includes non-stick warming plate and water level indicator.


Uniquely Designed 12-Cup Carafe
Swing-Away Filter Basket with Washable Permanent Nylon Filter
24-Hour Programmable Timer with 2-Hour Shut-off
Aroma Button
Pause and Serve
Convenient Cord Storage
Non-Stick Warming Plate
Water Level Indicator

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