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Citrus Spa


Mmmm, the scent of citrus, the magic of lemon butter and lotions, tangy bath gel and soaking balm on the skin. Relaxing music to help you drift away and spa water to quench your thirst. So soak up the citrus ... it is pleasure pure and simple!

Citrus Spa Regular $39.95
Citrus Spa Deluxe $59.95

Citrus Spa Regular Basket includes:
Brightly Colored Straw Basket with Side Handles
Imported Mineral Spa Water 8oz
Music CD Relax & Rejuvenate
Fresh Citrus Shower Gel 8oz
Fresh Citrus Body Lotion 8oz
Cotton and Sisal Hand Sponge
Decorative Floral Bright Striped Ribbon
2.8 lb

Citrus Spa Deluxe Basket (shown) also includes:
Fresh Citrus Body Butter 6oz
Fresh Citrus Bath Bar 120gr
Fresh Citrus Bath Fizzers 100gr
6.9 lb

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