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Sweet Nostalgia


These days what’s old is new! Share the goodies of the good old days in cool retro style with folks who can remember way back when ... or kids who will think this is the latest thing. Classic candies are right at home in this reusable retro container!

Sweet Nostalgia Regular - $49.95
Sweet Nostalgia Deluxe - $65.95

Sweet Nostalgia Regular Basket (shown) Includes:
Retro Dots Splitwood Planter 7.5"x6.5"x 8.5" Square
Old Fashioned Country Style Taffy .75oz
DOTS Gummies
M&M'S Milk Chocolate 1.12oz
Milk Duds 1.85oz
Sugar Babies 1.7oz
Jawbreakers .7oz
Necco Wafers 2.02oz
Assorted Charleston Chew 1.875oz
Vanilla Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar 1.58oz
Sno Caps Theatre Box 3.10oz
Baby Ruth Bar 2.1oz
Almond Joy Coconut Bar 1.61oz
Butterfingers Bar 2.1oz
Brent & Sams All Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies 7oz
Microwave Popcorn
3.25 lb

Sweet Nostalgia Deluxe Basket also Includes:
Twizzlers Favorite Red Licorice 2.5 oz.
Chuckles Jelly Candies 2oz 5 Flavors
Candy Tattoos "PEACE"
Organic Gourmet Snack Mix 2oz
Cracker Jacks Caramel Popcorn 1.4 oz
4.15 lb

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