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The Wisdom of Tea


Send warm wishes for the heart and soul!

This Zen-inspired collection includes a chai tea sampler plus honey straws, green tea chocolates, delicate biscuits, inspiring ginger sweets and more in a ceramic planter complete with natural river stones!

Wisdom of Tea Planter Contains:
Ceramic ZEN Planter Square 6"x6"x 3.75"
"Peace" Chai Latte Green Tea 1.2oz
"Longevity" Ginger Chews in Corrugated Pillow Box 3oz
Chai Latte Vanilla Tea 1.25oz
Green Tea Gourmet Chocolate Bar 1oz
Natural Honey Straws 1oz
Asiago Cheese Shortbread Cookies 2.25oz
Polished River Stones in Clear Tube

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